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Hidden Treasures of Tonga Visit

Hidden Treasures of Tonga Visit

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Hidden Treasures of Tonga Visit

The team at Digicel Tonga led by the CEO, Anthony Seuseu visited Mango Tree Centre in their continued support for children with special needs.  The team in their visit was able to see firsthand the incredible work that was being done there and the constant support provided to the children. 

Mango Tree Centre was officially commissioned this very month in 2013 with a contribution of close to $200,000 from the Government of Japan.  The Centre was built to address the immediate needs of our country in a wide range of areas that had direct impact on communal and socio-economic activities of Tonga.  It is with that same need that 5 years to-date Digicel has continued to support Mango Tree every year.

Digicel is proud to offer support throughout the years with Internet services, TV, Bible camps and fuel to allow our children transportation from their homes to this Centre for their therapy classes and learnings. 

The support from Digicel has allowed zoom video learning for the children and volunteers locally from experts and specialists abroad to facilitate sessions and training digitally during these difficult COVID-19 times.

It is a critical part of our mandate that we provide the necessary support to our communities and that also extends to our services for people with physical and intellectual disabilities here in Tonga, especially our Children.

Digicel is appreciative to the interim caretakers for the enormous commitment and dedication demonstrated in running the Centre and the programs implemented that have shown vast improvement on our children. In the visit today, Wednesday, 24th June, Digicel Tonga staff contributed financially to purchase snacks and food items for the children at the Centre.  

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Hidden Treasures of Tonga Visit