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Eliesa Katoa’s Mum Watch Him Play

Eliesa Katoa’s Mum Watch Him Play

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Eliesa Katoa’s Mum Watch Him Play

12th June 2020 – Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Digicel Tonga today thrilled the NZ Warrior rookie’s mother and family with the opportunity to watch her son play professional rugby league by presenting a brand new television screen with a 12-month PlayTV subscription.

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said he was moved when he read about ‘Eliesa Katoa, the young rising league star for the NZ Warriors, wishing that his mother could watch him play league.

“I know that family is everything to Tongans,” Anthony said.

‘Eliesa said his family does not have a TV at home and would only catch some highlights of the Warriors games on Facebook. “My mum has never seen me play NRL in real life,” he said.

The Digicel Tonga CEO and team surprised ‘Eliesa’s mother, ‘Akanesi Katoa, and sister, Laulata Katoa, with the presentation and installation of the television set at their home at Ngele’ia on the island of Tongatapu so they could watch him play tonight live from .

“I’m very grateful to God for showing his love to my poor family through Digicel and what they’ve done for us. May God bless the CEO and his staff,” ‘Akanesi said with tears. This would be the very first time for her to watch her son play a game of rugby league.


“I’m so emotional, so happy. Knowing that my mum will be watching me play tonight is special, so amazing, I’m so happy for her,” Eliesa said as he thanked Digicel.

Eliesa’s sister said the family is very excited and looking forward to watching her brother play tonight on the game against the North Queensland Cowboys.

“We want to help by giving his mother an opportunity to watch her son. We knew this would bring a smile to her face and motivate her son to play well every game knowing she would always be watching his games,” Anthony said.

NRL Tonga Manager, Tavake Fangupo, said ‘Eliesa will inspire young Tongans that through hard work, discipline and commitment they can achieve their dreams too.

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Eliesa Katoa’s Mum Watch Him Play