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Meliame Selupe with $100 Cash

Meliame Selupe with $100 Cash

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Meliame Selupe with $100 Cash

11th June 2020 – Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Meliame Kakala Selupe of Kolofo’ou Tongatapu today won the first $100 cash for the Let Freedom Ring Home & Entertainment Play TV Promotion.

“I can’t wait to be here to collect the prize. I had only paid for my month’s subscription last week and now I win the $100 back (that I paid for the subscription)”, she said.

Meliame and her family have long enjoyed Play TV and regularly keep the monthly subscription for the total 40 channels.

“We really enjoy DigiTV, the children really love their cartoons and movies, the rugby and sports channel -we enjoy all of the channels,” she said.

Meliame thanked Digicel and she said she will continue being a Play TV customer.

Digicel Tonga’s Home & Entertainment Play TV Promotions runs until the end of July. The Home and Entertainment promotion is giving away a share $800 cash.

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Meliame Selupe with $100 Cash