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Top Up and Opt In Winner

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Back to School Week 4 Winner

Digicel Tonga announced its Week 4 winner of its Back to School Top Up and Opt In to win promotion on Friday, 7th February. 

Fie’aonga Leleifi of Sia’atoutai won $1000 Cash.  Fie’aonga Leleifi has been a Digicel customer since 2017 and claims he is a proud customer who has enjoyed using services and participating in promotions.  He tops up $20 every week and opts into the weekly data plan of 2.7GB at least twice per week. 


Fie’aonga Leleifi was happy to receive the week’s cash prize and knows it will help him financially. 


Digicel Tonga continues to run it’s Back to School promotion until 29 February in an effort to reward it’s loyal customers who continue to use its services.  The Top Up and Opt In to win promotion is giving away a share of $8,000 cash.


Pictured presenting the cash prize is Anthony Seuseu, Chief Executive, Digicel Tonga Ltd.

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Top Up and Opt In Winner