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Digicel Supports ACTS School Literacy Initiative

Digicel Supports ACTS School Literacy Initiative

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Digicel Supports ACTS School Literacy Initiative

24 August 2020 – Nuku’alofa, Tonga – Digicel Tonga, the country’s leading telecommunications and entertainment provider, today, announced its support for the ACTS Community School Literacy Development Project.

Digicel Tonga CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “We are proud to support ACTS Community School’s effort to lift the literacy standards of the students across all levels of learning, and that through this reading development program give the students’ ability to read a good boost."

“We take pride in being part of initiatives that benefits our communities in Tonga, which in this case is education, and ways that will make a difference in students learning and ability to succeed,” Seuseu added.

ACTS Community School Principal, Kathryn Smith Tupou, said; “This program is designed to increase student achievement in reading through exposure to a variety of contexts and reading mileage, and to develop a love for reading that is lifelong.”

“We are  thankful that Digicel Tonga has stepped in to partner with ACTS,” she said.

The program challenges students to read as many books as possible according to goals set for them and including completing book reports for each book read. The program runs at both primary and secondary levels.

Digicel is supporting the High School level category prizes valued at TOP$1,000 as an incentive for students to engage and improve their learning through the development of better reading skills.

Digicel’s support will enable data connectivity for the top high school students that participate and win on the high school reading categories.

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Digicel Supports ACTS School Literacy Initiative