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Cyclone Relief on Éua Is

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Cyclone Relief on Éua Island

Digicel joins Cyclone Relief on Éua Island Digicel Tonga team led by Retail Sales Area Supervisor, Evelini Hurrell represented the Company during a visit to Éua this week in visiting twenty key customers whose homes were damaged or destroyed during Tropical Cyclone Harold on 9th April.  The Cyclone also resulted in the destruction of Digicel Tonga's Éua Retail Store which was located at Ofeina Building on Ohonua near Éua's main wharf.

In the visit to these twenty families, a sigh of relief and appreciation was extended to Digicel for the assistance and support during this time.

Digicel has LTE coverage on Éua Island with customers who use the services of TV, Home Internet, Prepaid Mobile and Mobile Money.  It's important to be more involved in the community at times like this and provide the necessary support to our customers during what are challenging times.

The customers visited were; Kalolaine Hausia of Ohonua, Sione Tomasi of Taánga, Peti Vaomotou of Taánga, Masiu Tafuna of Ohonua Siale Kautai of Ohonua, Afasa Loni of Ohonua, Tavake Halaevalu of Ohonua, Sekola Fangupo of Ohonua, Luseane Napaá of Ohonua, Saáne Foliaki of Ohonua, Lesieli Tuivai of 'Ohonua, Siupeli Vaiangina of Ohonua, Lilika Halaevalu of Ohonua, Tuitupou Kaufana of Futu, Teuhiki Taita of Haátua, Sinisa Faingaánuku of Haatuá, Etivise Tonga of Esia, Vasiti Leha of Houma, Ivoni Halatanu of Esia and Tilisa Fiu of Houma.

Digicel Tonga partnered with one of its leading resellers in Éua; Golden Success Store and Owner, Guo to pack 20 cartons of groceries and necessities for these families.

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Cyclone Relief on Éua Is