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Digicel Staff Rewarded

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Digicel Staff Rewarded

Ivoni Halatanu and Tilisa Fiu were today rewarded for their honesty by Digicel Tonga Retail Area Sales Supervisor, Evelini Hurrell on ‘Eua Island. 

The 2 retail sales agents recovered the store safe under all the rubble over the Easter Weekend in what was left after the Digicel ‘Eua Store was completely destroyed in the storm surge when Tropical Cyclone Harold hit the Island on 9th April.  The ladies were restricted access to the destruction site due to safety, however followed through on the Saturday, 11th April to see what they could recover of Digicel Property.  Unfortunately, the Storm Surge destroyed everything. 

The two staff found the safe and confirmed all cash for sales and mobile money was recovered on the same day. 

The demonstration of honesty and integrity are values of which they have been recognized for and acknowledged by a reward presented on behalf of Digicel Tonga.  Special recognition for the staff was announced at Tonga’s Town Hall this week.

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Digicel Staff Rewarded