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Digicel Supports Front Liners

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Digicel Tonga Supports Front Liners

Digicel Tonga supports our front liners in this fight against Coronavirus and acknowledges their efforts in the meet with key Dr Joseph Takai, Dr Ana Mahe and Dr Anaseini Ngauamo from Tonga’s Public Health who have been instrumental in the last couple of weeks on Quarantine cases across Tonga.

Digicel team led by the Chief Executive, Anthony Seuseu presented the team with recharge cards and Umbrellas to assist in their visitations enabling the team to stay connected during this time.  This support to our front liners is essential as they gone beyond the call of duty to assist the general public in minimizing risks around Coronavirus.  In addition to this, the team at Digicel are ensuring that their services are continued during this lock down period as connectivity for customers are a priority to allow them staying in touch with family and friends. 

Pictured is CEO, Anthony Seuseu, Dr Joseph Takai, Dr Ana Mahe, Dr Anaseini Ngauamo and Direct Sales Rep, Paea Taukapo.

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Digicel Supports Front Liners