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Ma’alahi Cash Call Winner

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Ma’alahi Cash Call Winner

Digicel Ma’alahi Cash Call has been the hype in town! Mr Hesiloni Pese was announced this week’s winner when he picked up Digicel’s live call on FM 88.6 with ‘Digicel Ma’alahi.’

Mr Pese’s mobile number was randomly drawn from customers who made overseas calls using Digicel’s International Bundle - $4 for 40 minutes.  The aim of this promotion is get more of our customers using this fantastic offer to call their families and friends in Australia, NZ, US and across 17 other countries.

Since the promotions launch in June, every day on Radio Nuku’alofa FM 88.6, five lucky Digicel numbers are randomly selected and called live on radio.  The first call where the customer answers with ‘Digicel Ma’alahi’ wins $100 daily.  If there are no lucky winners, the cash prize is accumulated to the next day.

Mr. Pese won $2,600 pa’anga as a result of this promotion.  A single dad with 7 children, Mr Pese says that the money has come at no better time to help him through a financial instability he and his family have faced the last few months.  It will help not only support the children’s education but their daily livelihood.

Mr Pese says that he has been a Digicel customer for 9 years now and 2 of the main reasons he has been a loyal customer is using mobile data and calling overseas.  He thanked Digicel for this promotion and rewarding customers to win prizes like this. 

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Ma'alahi Cash Winner