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Wk 7 winner of Ma'alahi Promo

Wk 7 winner of Ma'alahi Promo

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Week 7 winner of the Ma'alahi Christmas Promotion

Digicel Tonga's weekly cash winner of its Christmas campaign for week 7 is Melenau Nisi Taufahema of Vaini.

The 39 year old woman who is a full time house wife with 5 kids relies on her husband’s job as their main source of income for the family. Mele says, sometimes they receive money from relative overseas but after Christmas they have spent all their money on church functions etc. Receiving the call from Digicel that she has won $2,500 cash was in total shock to her familyas they had no idea they could have won such prize.

Mele usually buys an international call bundle to call her sister and families overseas and mobile data plans. She has been using Digicel for over 3 years now and as a loyal customer says she 'will always use Digicel services.'

This is the last week of our Ma'alahi promotion so we encourage you purchase any plans on My Digicel App or dial *123# for your chance to win daily, weekly and the grand cash prize of $20,000 this January.

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Wk 7 winner of Ma'alahi Promo