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WIN $100 Voucher

WIN $100 Voucher

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WIN $100 Voucher with Digicel Back to School

Kicking off the 2019 School Year with Digicel's Back to School promotion. Today, our very first winner of the week Mr Saimone Tano'a of Fangaloto won himself a $100 Stationery Voucher at Office Equipment. Saimone has 2 children still in school which he mentioned that he was happy when he received the call from Digicel informing him that he won the $100TOP Sationery Voucher, he also said that with this voucher it will help him financially as a widow in supporting his kids stationery shopping. Saimone has been using the Digicel Local FREE call from digicel to digicel in calling his families & relatives throughout the week. 

Having being said Saimone encouraged those that are on the Digicel network to maintain staying loyal with Digicel as it will help them in so many ways such as the $20,000 that was drawn last week and now with the Back to School promotion he's able to provide what is needed for his kids to be in school this year. The Digicel Back to school not only focus on customer purchasing a mobile prepaid plans from *123# & My Digicel App to be able to be in the next draw for next Friday. 

Digicel has also put out two(2) other promotion available in the market, 1) Buy a 4G smartphone for just $99TOP (WOWI & DL ) and get 5GB FREE Data valid for 7Days + FREE 1Hours for a month on PlayGo. 2) Get a FREE Home Internet LTE device with paying only your monthly subscription for as low as $60TOP for 25GB valid for 30days. Digicel invties its customer to subscribe to any of these Back to School offers or contact 123 for more information.

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WIN $100 Voucher