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Topup and WIN Promo Winner

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Top up & win Promo Winner

The sales team for Digicel visit the Sitaleki Iloa Junior of Veitongo, the winner of the Top up & win promotion with a brand new Samsung Notebook. Sitaleki is an entrepreneur, selling clothes and shoes at the Talamahu Market and has been with Digicel for the past 3 years. Data is what mostly utilised by Sitaleki throughout the week plus with the introduction of the bonus ma’alahi to get double data has been an encouraging him to top-up more and to be able to talk to his families & friends overseas.

The promotion was launched in September around the Rugby World Cup 2019 with the idea to top up with $5TOP or more for a chance to win a $50TOP credit weekly and with a grand prize of a Samsung Notebook. Digicel is happy to reward its customer and with moving on to the festive season of the year we will be happy to give out more.

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Topup and WIN Promo Winner