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4Gplus Upgrade

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4G+ Upgrade

Digicel has successfully upgraded 10 tower sites from 3G to 4G+ including towers in Tongatapu, Eua and Vava’u. With these towers being upgraded, two of the towers were upgraded in Eua at Mata’aho and Ohonua. Upgrading to 4G+ encourages customers to experience much more faster, now wider 4G+ coverage. The sales team took on the initiative to Eua with free 4G+ sim upgrade and 4G+ smartphone special at $120TOP. This initiative was driven by door to door sales and roadshow in all areas in Eua including educational session with both existing and new customers on 4G+.


Free sim upgrade was targeted for customers who still uses an old Digicel sim and to get upgraded into 4G+ sim. The team also reach out to those that are still on a 3G handset with similar idea to have them converted into a 4G+ smartphone. The sales team is looking forward to visit the island of Vava’u later this month with the same concept.

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4Gplus Upgrade