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Recognition Awards 2019

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Recognition Awards 2019

Digicel Tonga’s CEO, Anthony Seuseu for Digicel Tonga announced the Staff Awards for 2019. These awards were nominated by staffs and based on the performance, commitment, work ethics and support they have demonstrated as individuals or as a team.

The categories were; Employee of the year award, Outstanding performer of the year, Team Recognition Award and lastly the CEO’s Choice Award.

The recipients of these awards were presented with their prizes and certificates by the CEO, Anthony Seuseu.  These were;

  • Employee of the Year Award – this is for the employee that showed commitment, dedication in not only their area of work but would go beyond the call of duty.  This individual performed exceptionally well and has maintained a high level of productivity throughout the year. The award of $250 TOP was presented to Tevita Sifa, Digital Marketing Team Leader.  Tevita has been in the business for 6 years and started as a Customer Care agent later progressing his career through to Marketing and has been instrumental in the execution of successful marketing campaigns in the last 3 years.
  • Outstanding Performer of the Year Award - this award goes to the employee who has produced high quality of work over an extended period of time), giving extra effort to complete a job or handle a heavier workload, filling in when the department was short-staffed, volunteering for and working on special projects and serving beyond the scope of work and contributing to its success.  The award of $700 TOP was presented to Kasatolo Mailangi, Business Solutions Corporate Executive.  Kasatolo joined the business 6 years ago and also started as Customer Care agent and has since progressed her career to now being a part of the Business Solutions team and looks after Home and Entertainment.  
  • Team Recognition Award - this award goes to the most outstanding team.  Team work is an important ingredient to the business and this award is for the team that has shown a united front and worked together despite all odds. They have grown as a team to build on internal and external relationships and excelled as a team in any project assigned to them. They also have shown the willingness to work with any other team outside of their own work scope. The award of $500 TOP was presented to the Technical team led by the Technical Manager, Lionel Tu’inukuafe.  The team has worked on maintaining a reliant network in the Kingdom and their recent LTE upgrades to additional sites this year has been successful through their team work. 
  • CEO’s Choice Award - this Award is the CEO’s choice of a Senior Leader or Potential Future Leader that has demonstrated great leadership for the business. It is an individual who has shown encouragement and inspired their team as well as others to make a difference in the workplace.  It’s a leader or mentor that has demonstrated outstanding service to other employees or visitors and has proven workplace diversity exists. This award of a Samsung Note 10+ was presented to Ragigia Dawai, Marketing and Retail Manager.  Ragigia has been in the business 3 years and was also the recipient of this award in 2017.  Ragigia was also nominated and is among the first pioneers of the Digicel Aspire Leadership and LEAP program.  She has been part of many of Digicel’s learning opportunities. 

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Recognition Awards 2019