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PlayGo Premium Staff launch

PlayGo Premium Staff launch

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PlayGo Premium Plan launched with exciting incentive for Staff


Digicel was happy to introduce the launching of its Premium plan for PlayGo App and with exciting incentive driven by our front liners. PlayGo App is an app for streaming live channels and is available on both Play Store & App Store. Play Go gives our Digicel subscribers the ability to view one of the many channels that we put on the line up for their mobile and tablet devices. Therefore introducing of Premium Plan allows customers to enjoy 10 new channels of entertainment extract directly from Digicel Play TV. These channels will take subscribers to sports, movies, kids cartoons and worldwide news.

The front liners were driven through incentive of downloading and registered the most PlayGo users to win cash. The incentive is to focus on increasing the prepaid subscribers on Play Go app and better educate customers on the benefit and uses of PlayGo app. This incentive started on the xx until the last day of April and was excited to award today the top 3 agent with the most download Play Go users. These top 3 front liners were, first place by Siale Falemaka with $100TOP with 59 users of download, Malina Taufa of 35 users with $50TOP cash and lastly Ahongalu Lopeti with 31 users with $25TOP.

Digicel invites customers to download PlayGo App from Play Store or App Store and be able to watch TV on your smartphone anywhere, anytime.

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PlayGo Premium Staff launch