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Safety Training with Digicel

Safety Training with Digicel

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Safety Training with Digicel

A successful week of in-house training for Tonga Technical Department with the assistant of Trainer Roan Gouws and Minandi von Lugwig from New Zealand.

This training take part in two main area covers which is the:

  1. Working at Heights & Safety – covering practical and fundamental elements of working at heights safely, with the right rigging equipment, best industrial knowledge and proven know how.
  2. First Aid – covering updated fundamentals in the procedures of administering First Aid, as well as covering the rules and regulations of being first responders to an incident (within the work environment or outside in public).

This isn’t the first time for Roan & Minandi to conduct such training here in Tonga, as this is their second year of training with Digicel Tonga. As a goodwill gesture, Digicel also allowed two surveyors from the department of Building & Control of the Ministry of Infrastructure, to participate in these courses.

Certificates were also presented to those that have completed the course and with the present of the CEO for Digicel Tonga Mr Francis Thomsen. Mr Thomsen mentioned that safety is everybody's business and should be treated as a number one rule.

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Safety Training with Digicel