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Digicel supports Mango Tree Centre

Digicel supports Mango Tree Centre

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Digicel Tonga supports Mango Tree Centre

The Mango Tree Centre foundation, Tonga hosted a 4 days camp for kids with special needs in Tonga. The annual camp brings kids across Tongatapu with disabilities needs for a chance to learn and to develop themselves through songs, poem, drawing and writing. The camp were honoured to welcome students from Auckland, New Zealand who also have been kind enough to visit the centre this year during schools breaks to help the Mango Tree kids of disabilities and was led by Makerita. As an ongoing supporter of Mango Tree, Digicel continuously stepped in to assist the camp financially towards their meals during this 4 days camp. The Director of the Mango Tree Centre, Mr Amanaki said “Digicel has been supporting the Centre for years now and without their generosity, this could have never come to place”.

Digicel is proud to be a greater supporter for the Mango Tree Centre towards their annual kids for disabilities camp.

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Digicel supports Mango Tree Centre