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Digicel's SMS Game

Digicel's SMS Game

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Winners of Digicel's SMS Game for September

Digicel has announced its winners for the Finale League SMS Game today and with prizes presentation at Digicel Head Office.

The SMS game was mainly focus on the Premier league finals which was running during the month of September.

The SMS game aimed to attract prepaid customers who are on the network a chance to entertain themselves and to also win various prizes on a weekly basis plus the grand prizes at the end of the month.

These winners were Rank 1 with $1200, Ofa Puloka of Fatumu, Rank 2 with $800 Mrs Amupasita Tuakalau  of Havelu and to our Rank 3 with $500 Mr Raymond Fifita of Kolomotua.

Not only the grand prizes were awarded at the end of the game but during the week, we also have various instant cash prizes worth of $1000.

With this sms game, to be part of the player, customers must text the word TRY to 1644 for just $0.39 to collect the highest point by the end of the month. Each sms send to 1644 will receive a reply back from the service advising players their current rank and the amount of points collected.

Digicel is set to launch its SMS Game for the month of October which will mainly focus on Pinktober theme.

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Digicel's SMS Game