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Win shared $13,200

Win shared $13,200

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Win shared $13,200 with Digicel Top Up

As we approach the festive season in Tonga, Digicel is giving away a shared cash of $13200TOP with its promotion of Top Up & Win. Digicel has given its customers a way to win weekly cash of $200 for 2 lucky winners plus their chance to win the grand prize by the end of October with $10,000.

Having being said, customers can top-up with $5 or more for their chance to win the weekly cash or the Grand prize. With this promotion in the market Digicel is inviting ALL customers to ‘give it a try’ and top up their Digicel number to be eligible for the draw.

As per most winners expressed during a short interview with them is that they are quite surprised when they received the call from 123 congratulating them in winning one of the weekly $200 cash prizes.

All winners are looking forward for the grand prize to be drawn on the 2nd of October at the Digicel Sqaure and will be live on Radio Nuku’alofa FM 88.6.

Setaita Mahina of Tefisi Vava’u happily receiving her cash prize from our Vava’u store.

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Win shared $13,200