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$10,000 Cash Winner

$10,000 Cash Winner

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Digicel Announces $10,000 Cash Winner

Digicel Tonga announced the winner for its recent Promotion, Top Up and Win, launched on 7th September, 2018. 

The draw for the winner was announced today at Digicel Square with its grand cash prize of $10,000 pa’anga.  The promotion incentivizing customers to top up $5 pa’anga or more were given the chance to win a weekly cash prize of $200 pa’anga for a shopping voucher or the grand prize of $10,000 cash.  The Grand Cash Prize winner is Milaioti Paufisi of Nukuleka in Hahake. 

The Top Up and Win Promotion was designed to entice our customers to stay active and top up regularly for the chance to win weekly and grand prize.

In winning the grand cash prize, Milaioti said that he’s been a Digicel customer for more than five years and is absolutely thrilled to have won this promotion. He mentions that he has listened to past promotions and has always been interested to participate but did not dream to have won a huge prize like today.  When asked what he spend his cash on, Milaioti says that he will is going to book his ticket to New Zealand and visit family as long overdue holiday. 

Milaioti is a farmer and currently has a Kava plantation in Hahake.

As we approach Christmas, Digicel has a fantastic campaign lined up and encourages all customers to stay tuned for more grand prizes.

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$10,000 Cash Winner