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Lunch & Learn Session

Lunch & Learn Session

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Lunch & Learn Session with Francis Thomsen

Digicel Tonga ran a Lunch & Learn session with Francis Thomsen as a result of an Aspire Leadership initiative driven by Dennis & Ragigia in-country.

The session was attended by the Senior Management Team in Tonga and staff as well as team from Samoa, Vanuatu and L&D in PNG.  It was an opportunity for all of us to hear firsthand from Francis his progression through the ranks, his humble upbringings and his aspirations to further his career at Digicel as well as advice on staff development, learnings and the way forward as Pacific leaders. 

From the Tonga perspective, the team felt the session allowed a greater engagement as a team, it allowed continuous learning, the ‘role model’ figure in the business that Pacific Islanders can look up to. 

Francis is a great testament that with determination, commitment and passion anything is possible and hard work pays off. 

The session closed with a word of advice from Tonga’s CEO himself on the importance of team work and the fact that to be successful in this business, it’s important we continue to work together as a team.

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Lunch & Learn Session