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WOWS 10th year Anniversary

WOWS 10th year Anniversary

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Digicel Tonga support the WOWS 10th year Anniversary

Tae Kami Foundation in Tonga is this year celebrating the 10 years anniversary of WOWS – Walk On Walk Strong.  The foundation as many know it was formed in memory of Tae Kami, a spiritually inspiring and musically talented young Tongan girl who called both Tonga and Fiji her home. Tae Kami succumbed to cancer of the sinus at the age of 15 in August 16 2008.  Tae penned the song “Walk on Walk Strong” which inspired the name and acronym ‘WOWS’, and whose lyrics is a testimony of her journey of faith in God, the love of family and friends that kept her going and to give hope to those facing difficulties including cancer.  

This song was evident today at the launch of WOWS at Vaiola Hospital Children’s Ward today – Wednesday, 21st November.  

Tae’s dying wish was to improve support for children with cancer in the Pacific specifically; the setup a Resource Centre, set up a fund to support children with cancer and build a Hospital for children in the Pacific islands.  

Guest of honor present at the launch was Honorable Fredrika and guests included major sponsors.  Digicel is a proud sponsor of the foundation and WOW 10th Year Anniversary.  The launch was followed by a cake cutting and gifts for children in Hospital. 

To support this event, please buy a ticket to the Tofiga Show this Friday, 23rd November at Queen Salote Memorial Hall from 6pm.  Tickets are available at Digicel.  Please call xxx to buy your ticket.  VIP $50 each, Adults $10 each and Children $5 each. There will also be a WOWS walk and save to shave event on Saturday, 24th November.  The walk starts from xxx at 7pm sharp and ends at Vuna Wharf.  Please bring your family & friends to support.

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WOWS 10th year Anniversary