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Rugby Rage - 2 Lucky Winners

Rugby Rage - 2 Lucky Winners

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2 Lucky Instant Winners with Rugby Rage

Two lucky instant winners of the Rugby Rage SMS Game were delighted to be receiving their cash prizes today at the Digicel Office.

Each month Digicel puts entertain its customers with SMS Game for a chance to win weekly & grand prize. The winners for last week instant cash was Lupe Koloamatangi of Kolofo’ou and Ofa Puloka of Fatumu. The SMS Game will end on the last day of  November and with the idea to text the word ‘tackle’ and send to 1644 for just $0.39.

$1000TOP Cash has been allocated as the instant cash prizes for the promotion period and with the grand prizes worth of $2500TOP Cash. The player with the most points collected by the end of the month will be named as the winner of the Rugby Rage SMS Game. 

Digicel is inviting all prepaid customers to join the rugby rage game for their chance to win, with any question please to direct to the customer care line at 876-1000.

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Rugby Rage - 2 Lucky Winners