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Support Touch Rugby

Support Touch Rugby

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Digicel Supports Touch Rugby

Digicel Tonga support the Tonga National Touch Association on a touch tournament to push and motivate a healthy lifestyle. Digicel was kind enough to provide the referees with branded t-shirts and with top ups vouchers in addition for their support.

The tournament was held at the Apifo'ou College rugby field with teams from the Bank South Pacific, Ports Authority, Tanoa Hotels, Digicel & PMS. The tournament has free registration to any organisation in Tonga who are willing to take part. The second tournament will be on the 30th May 2018 from 5pm-7pm and Digicel wishes to invites any organisations to join the tournament as it is not always for rewards but building a healthy environment in Tonga.

The tournament will run every Wednesday as to drive and motivate youths in Tonga.

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Support Touch Rugby