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Aid to schools in Tonga

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Digicel visit with aid to schools in Tonga

5 Schools in Tonga were delighted to be receiving supplies from Digicel after Cyclone Gita destroyed most of their water supply, classrooms and stationeries. These schools includes Maamaloa, St Francis, Tonga Sides Schools, GPS Fasi & Nuku’alofa and lastly Noah Pre-school.

The team was led by Digicel’s Business Solution Manager Mr Dennis Fuapau and Jennifer Penisoni. Principals from each schools thanked Digicel for visiting their humble school and that they have been blessed with these supplies as most of their water supplies has been damage on the cyclone and so as some of the classrooms. As most principal mentioned that Digicel has not only help with these useful aids but they have also stand with the people of Tonga during cyclone Gita hit Tonga provide them full service and on top with free credit of $20TOP.

Digicel will maintain & drive its good Samaritan spirit throughout this though time in Tonga and be able to rebuild the Tonga to its feet. Digicel has fully receover all its network for people in Tonga to reach for their families, friends and relatives overseas during this time.

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Aid to schools in Tonga