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Apiloma Strait Swimming

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Supporting the Apiloma Strait Swimming Competition

Digicel Tonga was happy to announce its second year of supporting the Apiloma Strait swimming competition.

The competition is scheduled to be held at our neighbouring island of Samoa on the 6th of April for a kilometres of 22.3 from the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Resort to the finish line at Lusia’s Lagoon where the body of the water between the two islands is the Apiloma Strait.

CEO of Digicel Tonga Mr Ben Kealy greeted the one and only Noelani Day who will be representing Tonga in this event, as she has been taking on the Tonga flag from last year’s event where Tonga won the team category with a time of 6hours and 35minutes. Mr Ben Kealy also commented that this is aim to encourage and nurture our youth to represent Tonga in the future and to develop swimming in this nation.

Noelani Day expresses her gratitude to Mr Ben Kealy by mentioning that she is very delighted that Digicel have become a main sponsor on this event for 2 years now and that she will continues to do her very best at the competition so that she could inspire young women of Tonga and hopefully develop swimming to be a popular sport in Tonga.

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Apiloma Strait Swimming