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Cyber Bullying Schools

Cyber Bullying Schools

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Cyber Bullying Schools Competition

As Tonga continues to grow rapidly in its access to mobile and internet technology, cyber security and safety has become a key priority with consultations on all levels amongst Government and stakeholders to ensure we do our part for a safer and more secure online experience for all.  With that in mind, Digicel Tonga Ltd in partnership with Talitha Project is inviting all schools in Tongatapu to participate in an Awareness competition this June. 

Our main objective is to ‘stop cyber bullying’ and create an awareness amongst our community with the focus to educate our children on a safer online experience. 

In view of this, the competition will allow the schools of the following;

  1. To express their views on what they feel ‘Cyber Bullying’ is
  2. Discuss how it affects the School
  3. Recommend steps the school will take to essentially ‘stop cyber bullying’ and
  4. Demonstrate this in a one (1) minute video presentation. 

Ragigia Dawai of Digicel Tonga with Vanessa Heleta of Talitha Project have last week visited Schools in Tongatapu and continue the roadshow this week with an open invitation to all schools.



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Cyber Bullying Schools