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Mu'a Tower Upgrade to 4G+

Mu'a Tower Upgrade to 4G+

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Digicel Tonga successfully upgrades Mu'a Tower to 4G+

Digicel Tonga announced this afternoon the upgrade of Mu’a Tower in eastern Tongatapu Island to the 4G+ network. 

With the launch of 4G+ network in November last year, today followed an additional upgrade to one of the sites; Mu’a.  This upgrade is part of Digicel’s commitment to continue improving its communications services to the people in Tonga. 

This will improve customers experience online who live in Mu’a, Lapaha, Talasiu and parts of Hoi and Holonga.  Customers will get up to 80Mbps for downloads and 20Mpbs for uploads. 

A huge investment by Digicel Tonga to be the customer’s choice in ‘data network.’ We encourage our customers in the area to upgrade to our 4G+ network by calling 123 and speaking to our friendly Customer Care Team.  Digicel now offers Unlimited Data Plans that is designed to provide our customers the opportunity to stream, download and upload as they wish.

We are committed to delivering the best value and services to our customers by enabling them to experience a high quality speed.

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Mu'a Tower Upgrade to 4G+