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4 Final winner with Diaspora Top-Up

4 Final winner with Diaspora Top-Up

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4 Final winner with Diaspora Top-Up

Digicel has announced its final winners for the Diaspora ‘More for your Family’ promotion for the month of July. Purpose of the promotion was to promote the month of the family which is May.

May plays a huge role for families in the pacific islands where it celebrated, Children Sunday, Mother’s & Father’s Day through the islands across the pacific.

The Diaspora ‘More for your family’ promotion was to tie the  idea of giving back to families in Tonga by sending them a top-up to be in the draw. Senders from New Zealand & Australia are urge to send top-up home of more than $20TOP to be eligible for receiver to be in the draw.

The draw conducted every Friday of which a shared cash of $20,000USD is to be won by winners/receivers in Tonga. However, the More for your family promotion has now extended from the 27th July to the 28th September with 10 weeks of cash giveaways to be won.


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4 Final winner with Diaspora Top-Up