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1st Winner: Galactic Warfare

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1st Winner: Galactic Warfare

Kicking off this new year with Galactic Warfare as Digicel’s newest SMS Game to have launched in 2018.

With just a week away from new year Paula Misa of Havelu have stolen the first instant $100 cash prize for the Galactic Game. This game will runs until the last day of January and with total grand prize up to $2700TOP including credit and cash prizes. Paula Misa is not new to Digicel’s sms game arena as he has competed in so many games for the past few years.

Digicel is looking forward for more SMS Game coming in this year and with hopes to entertain its customers and to still maintain building strong rapport. That being said, customer can text in the word STARS to 1644 for just $0.39 per sms in order to win one of these amazing instant prizes or the grand prize of $1500TOP.

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1st Winner: Galactic Warfare