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Diaspora Back to School Promotion

Diaspora Back to School Promotion

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Lucky Winners from Auckland, New Zealand

Three lucky winners from Auckland, New Zealand was awarded with cash on the weekly draw of Diaspora back to School promotion 2018.

Concept of this draw is to send a top-up to a Digicel number in Tonga from New Zealand or Australia to be in the weekly draw to win 1st prize-$500, 2nd prize-$300 & 3rd prize-$200. Each winners are Liliani Tuifua with $500NZD, Tepola Mailangi with $300NZD & Wyong Tupou with $200NZD. This draw will runs until the 2nd March in completing 8 weeks of draw with Digicel. The receiver also gets a chance to win $200TOP in Tonga if they will receive the top-up amount of $20TOP or more.

Digicel urge customer to top up now for their chance to win or take a quick visit to Diaspora top up site on top up families, friends or relatives numbers. With Diaspora top up we are looking forward to this next Friday on who will walk home with one of this prizes. 

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Diaspora Back to School Promotion