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Digicel Tonga a communications and entertainment provider, has today announced its newest yet the first UNLIMITED Data in Tonga.

The launch of this Unlimited Data set to be the first time for Digicel Tonga to ever offer its customers with an unlimited data plan. This demonstrate Digicel’s commitment to providing customers with the best data plan in the Kingdom with its 3G & 4G network coverage’s. The launch was not only for Tongatapu but for the outer island as well with the idea of getting an UNLIMITED access to internet for 2 hours for only $2TOP.

With this unlimited access, customers can download, stream online without any capacity of restriction. Digicel not only launch the new offer to the market but giving customers a taste of this exciting offer by distributing free $2 vouchers in Tongatapu CBD area, reaching most café, Digicel square and for walk in customer to the Digicel flagstore.

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