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Christmas the Tropical way!

Christmas the Tropical way!

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Team Tonga Celebrates Christmas the Tropical way!

Digicel Tonga celebrated Christmas with all staff at the Ancient Tonga on Saturday, 1st December.  The party themed; Tropical Summer had everyone dressed in their brightest summer colours to celebrate the ‘island’ Christmas way.  

It was a time in which staff could celebrate their wins and acknowledge their areas of improvement for the coming year.  

A team that has been through many challenges this year with the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Gita, it was an emotional moment for all as they remembered the events of the night – for twelve of these staff it was seeing first-hand the affect it had on the office having been in the building at the time of the Cyclone and for 25 staff it was their homes of which many lost. 

The program for the evening included Secret Santa (exchange of gifts between staff) and Raffle ticket draw, a fundraising activity to contribute to the team’s community work.

The Christmas party was organized by the team’s Social Club, One Tonga Kiai which was formed in September and who’s number one priority is fostering staff relationships to improve team dynamics and encourage collaboration as one of our key values.

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Christmas the Tropical way!