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Winners For Diaspora Top-Up

Winners For Diaspora Top-Up

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Week 3 Winners For Diaspora Top-Up

Another week of cash giveaways with Diaspora Top-Up.

Three lucky winners have been selected as the week 3 winners for Diaspora Top Up, More for your family cash giveaways. These three lucky winners are Katokakala Mafi & Mavae Mailangi from Vava’u and Meleseini Fetuu of Holonga with $400Top cash each. With Diaspora Top-Up it can be topped up with $20TOP from friends, relatives, families from New Zealand and Australia every day of the week to be in the draw every Friday.

Digicel is looking forward for the week 4 winners to be awarded this Friday. Customers are directed to the website for their topup operations or contact 123 for more information or guidance towards their top up.



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Winners For Diaspora Top-Up