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Noelani Day departing

Noelani Day departing

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Noelani Day departing for the Apiloma Swimming Competition

Saturday, 31st March marks the departure of our Tongan Mermaid, Ms Noelani Day to Apia, Samoa to compete for the 23km Apiloma swimming competition. The competition is scheduled to be start on Friday this week, 6th April from the Sheraton Resort to the Lusia’s Lagoon across the Apiloma Strait. Ms Day was assisted by her mother Villa Day on her journey and with confident that she will give her utmost best to support her daughter. Noelani aims to encourage young women in Tonga to pursue their dreams no matter what the face. Noelani will be competing to the title as a solo swimmer for the A[iloma completion but won’t stop her for giving all her best towards to event.

Noelani acknowledge Digicel Tonga for their ongoing support towards her on this upcoming event and also becoming the main sponsor for her on this competition for 2 years now and that she will continues to do her very best at the competition so that she could inspire young women of Tonga and hopefully develop swimming in Tonga.

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Noelani Day departing