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Tonga Billfish Tournament

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The 26th Tonga Billfish Tournament

Tongan International Billfish Tournament


Digicel Tonga & ANZ Bank are proud sponsors of the 26th Tongan International Billfish Tournament in Vava’u. The tournament started today, 7th September and ends on 13th September. 

 The opening of the tournament today welcomed overseas participants to this one week tournament. A total of 9 boats were confirmed to be competing and 35 anglers ready to take on this year’s competition. It’s surprising to see two(2) overseas boats in from New Zealand & Samoa to participate in the tournament and also meet & greet with the local anglers. 

The tournament program kicked off with Day 1 & 2 fishing and Sunday BBQ scheduled and finishing off day 3 & 4 of the final rounds of the tournament. At the end of each day, every fish caught will be weighed and that counts as their scores for the day, so the boat with the most scores at the end of Day 4 wins the 26th Trophy and cash prize of $4000.

Digicel is proud creating an annual event for Vava'u that will help the local economy through tourism stakeholders and businesses.

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The 26th Tongan International Billfish Tournament