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Digicel as the Ikale Tahi communication provider

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Digicel as the Ikale Tahi main communication provider.

Digicel Tonga is proud to sponsor the Ikale Tahi team as their main communication provider while they prepare for their home game next month team for the Pacific Rugby Cup Challenge. The team are currently camping out at the Vakaloa Beach resort while in preparation for their upcoming game, taking on the Manu Samoa In addition to this, the Ikale Tahi team are proud to be a part of Digicel Network enjoying 10times more data, talk and text whilst in Tonga. Digicel wishes the Ikale Tahi team all the best for their game against Manu Samoa next month and would also like to thank the team and the Tonga rugby union for choosing Digicel.

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Digicel sponsors the Ikaletahi Team