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Talitaha Project provides young women and girls an opportunity

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Talitha Project provides young women and girls an Great opportunity

Tuesday March 21st 2017:Talitha Project provides young women and girls an opportunity to have a voice and make informed choices relating to their lifestyle and future.  Talitha is a Non-Government Organisation for young women in Tonga and caters for women and girls between the ages 12 – 25 years. 

They have recently developed their office space and obtained a room that will be used as a creative space to help facilitate and support young people, particularly young women, to obtaining skills training and to express themselves through their creativity.  This will assist in developing skills and giving them a basis to earn financial means which ties in with the Project’s aim to encourage women, girls and young youths to develop their own economic independence, pursue further skill development and ultimately contribute to Tonga’s economy. 

The project is headed by Vanessa Heleta. 


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Talitaha Project provides young women and girls an opportunity