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New USSD Menu

New USSD Menu

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We want to offer our customers an easier way for them to use/buy/purchase any Digicel bundle via USSD. Customers will only need to dial *123# to access ALL the current offers and options to suit their needs.

1.    How does this NEW USSD Menu work?
With this New USSD, we are pushing people to use *123# instead of *141# or *133# etc. This means we are moving everything (as in purchasing SMS, Data, Free Calls International & Locals, Roaming bundle etc) to *123# also with a few changes.

2.    When did this NEW USSD Menu effective from?
8th May, 2018.

3.    Is this NEW USSD Menu ongoing?

4.    Does this NEW USSD Menu apply to everyone?
No – Prepaid Customers ONLY

Customer can select any plans if they reply with any of below:

SCREEN 1 (Main Menu)

  • Dial *123# SEND

My Digicel Menu:

  1. All in one
  2. Mobile Data
  3. Other Bundles
  4. Special Offers
  5. Subscription
  6. Roaming
  7. d’Music
  8. Opt Out

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New USSD Menu