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Huawei Offer

Huawei Offer

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4G Huawei Y3 Smartphone

Huawei Y3 4G Smartphone - FREE SIM - 1GB FREE Data + FREE Premium Trial of d'Music App

Take advantage of this amazing limited time offer for only TOP$149.

Visit your nearest Digicel Store!

Huawei Y3 Features:
Network 4G
Resolution 480px x 854px
480px x 854px
OS Android 8.0
Android 8.0
Internal Memory 8GB
Internal Memory
Front Camera 8MP, f/2.0
Front Camera
8MP, f/2.0
Back Camera 2MP
Back Camera

1.    When will the offer be available in the market?
From 0800 hours on Saturday, 1st September 2018.

2.    What is the offer?
Buy the new 4G smartphone for only TOP$149 and get FREE sim card with 1Gb FREE data valid for 5 days PLUS FREE trial on d’Music App.

3.    How does this new handset acquisition works?
Customers buy the brand new Huawei Y3 for ONLY TOP$149 from any Digicel store or with any FOTs team and get a FREE sim card provisioned with 1GB data valid for 5days PLUS FREE 1 Month Trial on D’Music App.

4.    If my FREE 1GB expires after 5 days, how will I access any data plans?
Simply dial *123# or visit My Digicel App ( ) to purchase more data plans.

5.    How will I know that I got my FREE 1G Data?
You will received a trigger message with below wording:

Trigger - Congratulations! You have received 1GB FREE data valid for 5 days. Remember to download d’Music App today from Play Store/App Store & check out your FREE trial!

6.    How will I know that my FREE 1GB data bundle is expired?
You will receive a trigger message from +123 with below wording:

  • Your bundle has expired. Please dial *123# or visit My Digicel App or click to buy amazing plans only with Digicel!

7.    Will I also get a trigger message for when my FREE 1 Month Trial on D’music expires?
Yes, you will with below wording.

Trigger – Loving your FREE d’Music trial experience? Your plan has expired. To

continue enjoying this service please top up today. Call 123 for more details

8.    Does the FREE sim card & 1GB data applies if I buy a different smartphone other than Huawei Y3?
No, this is specifically for Huawei Y3. It is not available with any other smartphone purchase.

9.    When does the promotion end?

Important Note:

  • Data bundle will not roll over
  • Buy the handset for TOP$149 and get FREE sim card + 1GB Data valid for 5 days PLUS 1 Month FREE Trail on D’Music.
  • Data cannot be shared
  • Unused data will expire after 5days
  • Bundle will not auto-renew
  • This offer is available in our stores - Vava’u, Ha’apai, Eua & at our Airport store as well as with our FOTs team.

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Huawei Offer