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FREE 2 Hour PlayGo

FREE 2 Hour PlayGo

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Get FREE 2 Hours of PlayGo Streaming

We are giving away FREE 2 Hours of Streaming with the PlayGo App! To Qualify for this offer, simply purchase any 4G Smartphone from any of the Digicel outlets and you will get FREE 2 Hours Daily Streaming with the PlayGo App for a whole 1 Month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does it work?
Customer can purchase any of our 4G Smartphones and get 2 hours to enjoy PlayGo.

2.    Where can I buy these Handsets?
All Digicel Store including the outer islands.

3.    How can I redeem my FREE 2hours Play Go?
Customer can redeem his/her FREE 2Hours PlayGo by dialling *125# or Visit My Digicel App to redeem.

  • Step1: Dial *125#
  • Step2: Welcome to Digicel Menu (Claim you FREE PlayGo)
  • Step3: select “ 2Hrs – handset Offer”

Note: customers can redeem the FREE 2hours PlayGo ONLY if they have an active data plan in their account. For example: the customer needs to purchase any data plan from any of our mobile data plans on *123# to be able to view & purchase the FREE 2hours PlayGo. No active data plans on their account will result FREE 2hours PlayGo plan not visible when dial *125#.

5.    How long is the 2 hours valid for?
Customers will get the 2 hours free daily for 1 month.

6.    What are the channels available on the PlayGo App?
TVWAN, Day Star, Premier League, TVWAN Action, Nickelodeon.

7.    Can I use the FREE 2Hours PlayGo anytime during the day?
No, With the FREE 2hours Play Go, customers can only use the bundle from 12midnight to 6am upon redeeming. After 6am, they won’t be able to stream PlayGo anymore.

8.    Do I get a free SIM card if I purchase a 4G Smartphone?
No, if you wish to purchase a SIM card it will cost $7 pa’anga. You will be given a choice of $5 credit or 500mb weekly data plan. This will be loaded for you by our sales team.

Important Notes:

  • Customers can redeem their FREE 2hours PlayGo Plan before 6pm every day.
  • Customer must have an active data plan on their account to be able to view & purchase the FREE 2hours PlayGo.
  • As soon as the customer redeems, the 2hours starts from then.
  • FREE 2hours can be used from 12Midnight till 6pm upon redeem.

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FREE 2 Hour PlayGo