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1 Hour FREE PlayGo

1 Hour FREE PlayGo

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1 Hour PlayGo Access

Enjoy 1 Hour PlayGo Access on every Opt-in to a Weekly, 14 days or Monthly Data Plan or on every purchase of 4G Smartphone! PlayGo Access comes with 4 fantastic channels (TVWAN, Premier League, DayStar and TVWAN Action channel).

1. 1 Hour Access with Data Plan

Purchase any Weekly, 14 days or a Monthly Data Plan and get 1 hour FREE PlayGo Streaming (TVWAN, Premier League, DayStar and TVWAN Action).
After Opt-in, redeem your FREE access by dialing *125# or via My Digicel App
PlayGo 1 Hour Access is available from below Data Plans:

  • Weekly Plan
  • Weekly Plan Renewal
  • Fortnightly Plan
  • Fortnightly Plan Auto Renew
  • Monthly Plan
  • Monthly Plan Renewal
  • Monthly Plan Auto Renew $50 (10GB)
  • Monthly Plan $50 (10GB)
2. 1 Hour Access with 4G Smartphone

Buy a or upgrade to a 4G Smartphone and get 1 Hour of PlayGo Access everyday for 30 days!!
You will need to redeem your free access everyday to enjoy free streaming. To redeem, dial *125# or via My Digicel App.

Offer is available at any of the Digicel stores or from our Direct Sales Team.

Offer 1 - Opt-in to a Data Plan

1.    How does it work? 
Purchase a weekly, 14 days or monthly data plan and get 1Hr free Play Go streaming (TVWAN, EPL, Day Star and TVWAN Action). 

Free 1hr can be used from Mid-night till 6pm upon redemption.  

2.    After 6PM can I still stream PlayGo?
After 6pm they won’t be able to stream 1hr for free. 

To redeem their 1hr, they can redeem via USSD *125# or redeem via MDA. Their 1hr begins then. After one hour trigger message will be sent to you informing them to opt into the Play Go products or purchase a data plan to get the basic Play Go plan. 

3.     What is the USSD structure to claim your 1hr Playgo?
USSD Structure 

  • Dial *125#
    Welcome to Digicel Menu 
  1. Claim your Free Hours  

Screen 1.1

  1. 1 Hr Free Play Go 
  2. 1 Hr – Handset Offer 

4.    What are the Data Plans you can purchase to get 1hr PlayGo? 
Below are the data plans that you need to be opted in to use Free 1Hr streaming upon redeem. 

  • Weekly Plan 
  • Weekly Plan Renewal 
  • Fortnightly Plan 
  • Fortnightly Plan Auto Renew 
  • Monthly Plan 
  • Monthly Plan Renewal 
  • Monthly Plan Auto Renew $50 (10GB) 
  • Monthly Plan $50 (10GB) 

5.    What happens once I purchases any of the above Data Plan? 
Once any of above data plan is purchased, trigger message below will be received -
“Congratulations, Enjoy 1Hr of Play Go streaming. Dial *125# or visit my Digicel app to redeem.” 

6.    What happens once I redeem their free 1hr PlayGo? 
You will receive trigger below – 

“Enjoy your 1Hr of Play Go streaming from 12am to 6pm”. 

7.    What happens when I reach my 1hr Free streaming?
You will received this expiry message 

“Your 1Hr of streaming has expired. Buy a Play Go plan to continue streaming your favorite TV channels.

Offer 2 - Buy a 4G Smartphone

1.    What is are the details of the 4G handset offer? 

  • Offer is for when you purchase a 4G Smartphone 
  • You will receive 1 hour of PlayGo every day for 30 days. 
  • Every day you will need to Claim for the 1 hour free Playgo. 1 hour will begin from the time of claim
  • You need to dial *125# to claim their free 1 hour daily.  
  • You can only claim their 1 hour free from 12am to 6pm everyday 
  • To claim their 1 hour free PlayGo, you need to have an active data plan of any amount. If you don’t have an active data plan, they will receive notification that they need to opt into a plan. 
  • When the 1 hour expires you will need to purchase a data plan to access PlayGo or opt into a PlayGo plan.
  • Offer is available at any of Digicel stores or from our Direct Sales Team.  

2.    If I purchase our Alcatel 1X Christmas offer of $149 and get the 500mb free with the chance to win 500mb every month for the year do I also get the 1 hour of PlayGo every day for 30 days?  
Yes you get the normal Christmas offer and on top of that the 1`hour free PlayGo streaming by dialing *125# to redeem it. If you upgrade your 2G and 3G handsets to a 4G handset you will also qualify for the offer. 

3.    If I purchase a 2G/3G phone, will I qualify for the offer? 
No, the 1 free hour of PlayGo is for 4G handsets only. Offer is applicable to a new customer who is joining Digicel or an existing customer who is upgrading their handset. 

4.    Which channels do I get as part of the 1 hour free? 
You will get 1 hour of the basic plan, which is, Premier League, TVWAN action, TVWAN and Daystar. 

5.    Reasons why a customer cannot claim their 1 hour free PlayGo. 

  • Customer can only claim their free 1 hour if they have an active data plans. Customer needs to be opted into any Data Lahi data plan with a validity of 24 hrs and above.  
  • Customer can only claim their 1 hr free after midnight (12am) to 6pm daily. Customer will not see the option to claim after these hours.

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1 Hour FREE PlayGo