MiFi Special

New customers who purchase the $120 home internet plan for 60GB will get FREE MiFi device.



Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does it work?
Customer that visit to our Digicel store and purchased the 60GB for $120 will get free MIFI device but it is only available for new subscribers.


2.    What if I am already an MiFi subscriber?
No. this offer is only to new MIFI subscribers.


3.    Can I also get the offer if I buy any MiFi data plan?
No. this offer only applies to the 60GB plan.


4.    Who is eligible for this offer?
Prepaid subscribers only.


5.    What are the available channels where I can opt in to the MiFi offer?
 Offer will be available for those customers that visit our Digicel Store.


6.    If I still have remaining data and buy a new data plan, does the remaining data roll over?
No. this offer is only for the new subscribers


7.    Whom can I ask for more information?
Please email TO_Marketing@digicelgroup.com or see Business Solution.