Christmas Samsung Smartphone Offer

Samsung Smartphone Offer

1.    What is the offer?

Buy any Samsung Galaxy smartphone from as low as $200 and get FREE sim + 3 days Prime Ma’alahi Bundle.


2.    Where is this offer available?

Available at any Digicel store or with the Direct Sales Team (FOTS).


3.    What if the customer has an existing SIM?

If customer has an existing Sim, our CC Tech team will manually attach the 3-day Prime Ma’alahi Bundle to their current number.  


4.    Is this offer available on the purchase of ANY Samsung Smartphone? 

Yes. It is available to all Samsung Smartphones sold with Digicel.


5.    How will I know I receive the 3 days Prime Ma’alahi bundle?

SMS trigger message sent once the customer opts in to the plans:

SMS Trigger Message:

Congratulations! You have now received 4GB + 18GB to use for D’Music, Playgo, GoLoud, Loop, Billo & BIP Messaging valid for 3 days! Enjoy your Prime Ma’alahi Bundle.


6.    How will the customer know the balance of their bundle?

Customers should be able to see their bundle balance on MyDigicel App or when dialing *130#

7.    Who is eligible for this offer?

Prepaid customers only.


8.    Who can I ask for more information?

Please email or see the Marketing Team.