Christmas Download to WIN

Download to WIN Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

1. What is the offer?

Download and Install on all the apps for your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


2. What are the apps?

Bip, Billo, MyDigicel App, Go Loud, Play Go, Dmusic, Loop


3. How does it work?

Customer has to download and install all of our 7 Apps to qualify  for their chance to win the BRAND NEW Samsung Galaxy  Note 20 Ultra.


4. Where do customers go to download?

Either Play Store and App Store on their handset device.


5. Who is eligible for this offer?

All Customers – Prepaid and Postpaid.


6. What if I already downloaded all the seven apps?

If you already downloaded the seven apps to your device but have not signed up for all, you will not qualify to be in the draw.


7. When is the draw?

The draw will be post-24 January, 2021


8. Who can I ask for more information?

Please email or see the Marketing Team.