Christmas Cash Call

Cash Call Promotion

1.    How does it works?

Download & Install our 7 Apps (Billo, Bip, PlayGo, GoLoud, d’Music, Loop, My Digicel App) and your number might be the lucky number for the day.

2.    How can I download the Apps?

Visit Play Store or App Store.

3.    What do I expect on FM 88.1?

Tune in and listen to your Digicel host at 8.30am for your chance to win.  Your number may ring, answer with ‘Shake More & Share More this Christmas’ and if you do – your host will ask you to name the 7 Apps.

Note: All numbers will be randomly picked 5 numbers and call those 5 numbers LIVE from FM 88.1 on our Daily Radio Program.


4.    What’s the magic word to be answered by the caller to win the $100TOP cash?

Yes, caller must answer the call saying, “Shake MORE & Share MORE this Christmas”


5.    What if the caller does not say “Shake it & win with Digicel” - what will happens to the cash?

Cash will be accumulated on to the next day if the caller did not get the answer correctly.

6.    Who will I contact for more information?

Please see the Marketing Team or email us at


Terms & Conditions

·         Customer must have downloaded the 7 Apps and an active customer.

·         Caller must answer with “Shake more and Share more this Christmas” to win $100 daily cash.

·         Cash call will be done on a daily basis

·         Cash call will be conducted LIVE on Radio Taimi Media, FM 88.1 from Monday – Saturday at 8.30am