Sunday Relax Plan

1.    What is the offer?
A Sunday Roast meal (roasted pig + food) valued at $400 every Sunday.


2.    How does it work?
Customers who buy the Sunday Relax Plan (1.5GB + 300sms + 300mins for only $3 TOP) from MyDigicel App go into a weekly draw to win a Sunday Roast.


3.    Who is eligible for this offer?
Prepaid subscribers.


4.    Where is this available at?
Only on MyDigicel App.


5.    What if I don’t have MyDigicel app?
Customers can download MyDigicel app from Play store or App store.


6.    How do I know that I’ve entered the draw after opt in to the Sunday Relax Plan?
You will receive an SMS message to inform you that you’ve received the offer:
Congratulations! You have now received 1.5GB + 300SMS + 300 Mins. You have one entry to win a Sunday Roast every week!

7.      Can the bundle auto-renew or roll over?



8.      Can I buy the offer on days other than Sunday?
No, this offer is only available from MyDigicel only on Sundays starting from Sunday 18th April until 30th of May.


9.      Can I buy the Sunday Relax Plan more than once?


Note: when buying an eligible Shake it prepaid plan on MyDigicel app you also get the chance to win data, sms or voice rewards.

10.   Who can I asked for MORE information?
Please email or see the Marketing Team.

11.    Promotion end date?
Promotion ends on the 30th of May, 2021.

Sunday Relax Plan