BiP for Cash

Your chance to win $100 cash every week by doing a specified activity in the BiP app, which will be communicated to users daily via in-app notification, social media and sms. Users will then take a screenshot of their activity and send it to the BiP discover service channel. 

1.     Who is eligible for this offer?
Prepaid mobile subscribers who have downloaded the Bip app and has an active BIP account.

Note: Roaming subscribers are not eligible for this offer.


2.    What are the activities that are required for customers to undertake in this promotion?

·         Screenshot 10-people group

·         Screenshot active game in Discover

·         Screenshot active movie in Playgo

·         Screenshot active Prime Bundle in MDA


3.     How can I join to claim the offer of $100 cash per week?

Step 1: You will receive a push notification daily inviting you to do a specific activity in the app for a chance to win.

Step 2: Once you have done the activity you will be required to send a screenshot of that activity to the BIP discover service.

Step 3: The winner of that prize on that week will be randomly selected and announced in the Tonga channel in the app and on our social media pages. If you are the winner, you will also receive a phone call from one of our representatives notifying you and telling you how and when you may collect your prize.


4.     When does the promotion start and end?
The Promotion runs from 1st to 28th February, 2021


5.     Who can I go to for more information?
Please see the marketing staff or email them on: