Top Up & WIN

SIM Offer


Buy a new prepaid 4G SIM or upgraded your SIM from any of our Digicel stores or our direct sales team for $5 will get a free 1 day 4GB + Kava Plan valid for 24 hours & also be in the weekly draw to win $300 cash and grand prize draw of $2,000 Cash Scholarship x 5 winners.

1.    Where is this offer available?

All Digicel stores in Tongatapu, Ha’apai, Vava’u, ‘Eua, our Direct Sales Team (FOTS) and Resellers.

2.    If I want to replace the SIM on the same number, am I eligible for the offer?


3.    How will I know I receive the 4GB + Kava bundle?

You will receive an SMS message to let you know that you have received the data bundle:


SMS Trigger Message:

Congratulations! You have now received 4GB data valid for 1 day + Kava Plan valid from 11pm – 6am. Out of bundle, rates will charge $0.05/mb.


4.    Who is eligible for this offer?
New prepaid subscribers and customers upgrading to a 4G SIM (USIM).

5.    Whom can I ask for more information?

Please email

6.    Promotion start and end date?
Promotion starts on the 1st of Jan and ends on the 31st Jan 2022.