Top Up & WIN

Handset Offer


Buy a DL3 Pro smartphone for only $120 TOP and get a FREE SIM card with a free 4GB data valid for 1 day + Kava Plan valid for 24hours (bundle will only working from 11pm – 6am).

Also be in the weekly draw to win FREE 30GB data valid for 30days (one winner) and also get into the lucky draw to win the grand prize of $2,000 Cash Scholarship x 5 winners.


1.    Where is this offer available?

All Digicel stores in Tongatapu, Ha’apai, Vava’u, ‘Eua and from our Direct Sales Team (FOTS) that you would meet on the street around the island.

2.    What are the features of this DL3 Pro Smartphone?

• 6” inch screen display smartphone with LTE support 

• 5MP/3MP selfie camera 

• 32GB Storage 

• Operates on Android 9 Lite (Go Pie)


3.    What if the customer has an existing SIM? 

Customer with an existing sim will be awarded manually the 4GB for 1-day + Kava Plan valid for 24 hours by CC Tech team.

4.    How will I know I receive the 4GB + Kava bundle and 30GB for weekly winners?

You will receive an SMS message to let you know that you have received the data bundle:

SMS Trigger Message:

Congratulations! You have now received 4GB data valid for 1day + Kava Plan valid from 11pm – 6am. Out of bundle, rates will charge $0.05/mb.

SMS Trigger Message for the weekly winners:

Congratulations! You have now received 30GB data for any use valid for 30 days. Out of bundle, rates will charge $0.05/mb.

6.    Who is eligible for this offer? 

Prepaid customers only.

7.    Who can I ask for more information?

Please email or see the Marketing Team.

8.    Promotion start and end date?
Promotion starts on the 1st of Jan and ends on the 31st of Jan 2022.